Paying rent is hassle free for our tenants. The tenants rent can be deposited directly into our rental trust account or pay by money order or cheque to our office. These systems allow the tenant various options of paying rent and reduce rental arrears.

Our computer system is programmed to print an “arrears report” detailing any tenants that are behind in their rent. The report shows the property address, the tenant’s name, the date rent was due and how much rent is overdue.

These reports are printed daily, so the tenants who fail to pay their rent for whatever reason are contacted immediately. Should rent not be forthcoming within 24hours the tenant is served with a 14 day breach notice, explaining that if they fail to pay rent they may be issued with a termination notice to vacate the property. This is usually sufficient incentive for most tenants to pay their rent. However, should this fail to bring results, we contact the owner to discuss whether to proceed with further action.

We ensure you enjoy full rental market value for your property. We regularly assess the rental on your property taking into account such factors as the current market rents achieved, the vacancy factor in the area of similar properties, the general condition of the property, the quality of the tenant and the length of their tenancy.